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Structure and duties

6The purpose of the Trust is to enable companies, institutions, individual
professionals and education centres with activities in the field of
electronics to establish common goals in a coordinated and structured
manner. It was created in 2008 by the Governing Council of the UPC. Its
mission is ultimately to create bonds between the various electronicsrelated
stakeholders and to promote the social recognition of this field and
the professionals working in it.
Its activities are divided into three main lines:
1. Articulating a permanent dialogue between the University, companies
and institutions.
2. Enhancing the social recognition of Electronic Engineers.
3. Promoting professional networking:
Membership of the Trust is wide-ranging and includes three main groups:
private companies that produce goods or provide services in the field of
electronic engineering; non-profit public or private institutions, including
government agencies, educational institutions, and professional or
corporate associations; and individuals working in the field, either as
independent professionals employees of private companies or in the
academic/research sector. The Department, as the promoter of the
initiative, plays a prominent role in the Board of Trustees. The Board is
composed of 12 members, who represent the different stakeholders and
meet regularly to define the action plans.
The Board iscomposed of 12 members, who represent the different stakeholders andmeet regularly to define the action plans.