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Structure and functions

Activities of the Council
Association and defines its lines of action. It has up to 12 members, including members of the business community, representatives of institutions, professionals, and academics. The director of the Department of Electronic Engineering is an ex officio member of the Council and serves as its chair. Having taken into account the wishes of the academic, institutional, professional and business communities represented in the Association, as well as those of the Department itself, the chair may appoint up to nine Council members. The secretary of the Department is also an ex officio member of the Council and serves as its secretary, and another representative of the Department is appointed by the Department Council.

The following are the functions of the Council:

  1. Fostering the integration of the Association and the Department in the social fabric of Catalonia.

  2. Exposing the Department to new external trends and to the changes demanded by society, professionals and the business community.

  3. Exposing society to knowledge and new trends generated by members of the Association and, especially, by the Department of Electronic Engineering.

  4. Acting as a permanent coordination and integration mechanism in the professional, institutional and business spheres.

  5. Proposing and modifying regulations.