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The Association is made up of individuals, institutions and companies that play an active role in the electronics sector. Members of the Association fall into three categories:


  • Electronics professionals in the broadest sense: holders of PhDs in electronic engineering or related subjects, holders of undergraduate degrees in electronic engineering or other fields related to electronics, and distinguished professionals in the field of electronics.
  • Public or private institutions related to electronics.

  • Companies that work in, or wish to become stakeholders in, the electronics sector.


Members of the Association enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Membership of the Department of Electronic Engineering Association group on LinkedIn, a professional networking site.

  • Participation in the Association’s lobbying activities.

  • Access to an extensive database of specialised professionals, a job bank and a discussion forum.

  • The opportunity to propose final-thesis topics for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree students.

  • The chance to develop partnerships and participate in or lead R&D projects through the Association’s LinkedIn group.

  • Access to some of the documentation and know-how generated by the Department of Electronic Engineering’s research groups.

  • The opportunity to help shape the curricula of undergraduate and master’s degree courses related to electronics.

The Association of the Department of Electronic Engineering was created by Agreement 129/2008 of the Board of Governors, approved by the Board of Trustees on 15 July 2008 and by the Board of Governors on 24 July 2008. Its purpose is to enable companies, institutions and professionals in the electronics field in Catalonia to work together in a coordinated fashion. The Association’s mission, therefore, is to form bonds between the various electronics-related stakeholders and raise the field’s profile in society.